The Missions

Sunset and GG park

The Haight

Mission District

North Beach

Fisherman's Wharf

Financial District

NOTE: The exact adventures you will undertake are announced the day of your mission

SF Muni Map --- Transit Frequency Table
Muni Website --- Rules of Joe

The Amazing Muni Race

The title says it all and the course is definitely amazing. In this course you will learn the value of public transportation to humanity and to the planet. You will also learn the amazing muni system of San Francisco like the back of your hand. Never again will you drive in the city, sitting in traffic and searching in vain for parking (why drive, when you can take Joe). Muni is a wonderful system that gets you around the city quick and easy. While you are on the bus appreciate the various cultures and people that make up a city. Also reflect upon the fact that there is nothing more expediant you can do to help our planet than to get out of your car and take public transportation.


Day 1: Meet in Rm. a117 to discuss learning objectives of the course and an overview of the San Francisco public transportation system. Bring your transit maps, and muni bus frequency tables. We will do simulations in your teams.

Day 2: The race begins in the city. Meet at Caltrain at 8:30am, Menlo Station

Day 3: The race continutes. Meet at Caltrain at 8:30am.

Day 4: Last day of the race. Winning prizes given out on train ride home.