Balloon Experiments

Balloon Experiments
(Note: Background to this page is an aerial shot of the ranch from a balloon)

The balloon experiments are a chance for students to design an experiment from beginning to end and analyze real-life data that they themselves collected. The most common experiment is to measure atmospheric properties (such as pressure and temperature) as the balloon raises in height. The data is then analyzed and compared to the exponential and NASA emperical models for pressure, temperature, etc. vs. altitude. All of the experiments here were done by the physics club and/or APC physics class.

Balloon Experiment write-ups:

Pressure and Temperature changes with altitude (by Patti Pang, et. al.)

Pressure and Temperature changes with altitude (by Erin Cavanough, et. al.)

Instrumentation Checks: Pressure, Temperature
(Charlie Ferdon, Kevin Feeney)

Distance measurements using the pixels of a Digital Camera (Jeff Knox, et. al.)


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Altitude Graphs:

Pressure vs. altitude curve fits to various models (Emily Werner, et. al.)

Raw pressure data with statistics on the plateaus

Aerial Pictures of Dann Ranch taken by Mr. Castro's (he's finally good for something) digital camera launched on an experiment Balloon.
Just after launch

Shot of launch site

Ranch house from above

Way high up (camera stap caught in picture)

Floating high above (check out the cows below)

On the way up (the background picture)



Balloon Experiment Talks:

John and Chip's presentation of Pressure vs. altitude and correlation of the two altitude measurements (power point format)

Mark, Allan and Simon's presentation of the Acceleration experiment (power point format)

Emily, Sam and Ohm's presentation of the Pressure and Temperature vs. altitude experiment (power point format)

Ian, Neil, Felix and Ellis' presentation of Pressure and Temperature vs. altitude experiment (power point format)