Senior Tribute Pages


Starting with the class of 2008, tributes have been done a litlte differently in our yearbook. For one thing, the whole book is now in full color. Parents are certainly welcome to use B&W photos if they prefer, but we will be able to use color photos as well.

As explained in a letter to parents (that was distributed in the Senior Parents Info Packet)...

" This year, we will continue a policy we enacted last year to ensure that every senior has the opportunity to have a tribute. To accomplish this and also to keep costs reasonable, we are going to limit the size of the tributes to a half-page tribute for each student. (By the way, the cost for a half page tribute will remain the same as it has been for a decade.)  If costs are a burden, please contact Mary Emery (330-2001, x2601 or, and we will gladly provide assistance."

To download a copy of the full letter, CLICK HERE (the letter is in PDF file format).


Here is a sample image of what some half-page tributes have looked like: