Tragedy (fall) 2005

Course Description:

         In this course students examine the great tragic traditions of theater from the ancients to the present and attend at least one live performance.  Through reading tragic plays, students will wrestle with some of life’s difficult questions about suffering, justice, free will, and good and evil.  For each of five plays, students have the choice of writing a traditional paper (of 2000-2500 words), writing something creative (e.g., a new scene, a character’s journal, etc.) or doing a design project (e.g., a set design, a costume plot, a sound track, etc.).  At least three different types of papers/projects must be chosen, and at least one traditional paper must be written in the semester.

    Fall, 2005 texts

Course Syllabus

Suggested Reading/Viewing

Grammar: Tips on Commas

Costume Design Aids

Flo Mo Measurements


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