Example Shot List (partial) for Tripp's "Take Five" movie


SCENE 1------------------------

Shot 1:    Titles - show name ("Take Five") in logo form comes up dramatically w/similar music [4 secs]

SCENE 2------------------------

Shot 2:    The pair in performance, wide enough to show black-box, theatrical setting, thereby establishing the types of places where they were working "in the early days" - this and next 5 or so shots show some variation in locations and shot scale...change costumes on the pair to create sense of different performances. [Length from 3 to 15 secs each clip, total about 30]

Shot 3-6:    (continue as above)

SCENE 3------------------------

Shot 7:    The critic in medium-wide shot in her office, showing the tools of her trade, etc.  Can also use close ups for inter-cutting. [20-30]

SCENE 4------------------------

Shot 8:    Still photos (Photoshopped) showing them with celebs, at landmarks, etc. Try to set date in mid-80s.  [20 secs]

SCENE 5------------------------

Shot 9:    "Actor's Studio" scene.  Establishing shot of stage, seats, both Critic and The Boys. Wide enough to get sense of place.

Shots 10-15: Medium shots of them, some with the two boys in it together. Be sure to vary and get them talking sometimes and listening at others, so it will edit together well. Could also go back to wide shot of both at once. NOT using OTS.  Plan for editing...

Shot 16:    Reaction shot of Critic being a bit bewildered by an odd answer of the boys.

Shot 17:    Brief reaction shot of Critic smiling, laughing at something boys say.

Shot 18:    Brief reaction shot of one or both boys being offended or confused (or both) by something Critic says. Get coverage.


ETC.  (This is just the beginning, and more would follow through the whole movie.)