Challenge Project 31 -  Advanced Lighting: using color filters


Goal:              Shoot a sequence of 3 shots in a set in a dark place (outside at night or indoors, in a dark situation)


Method:        Light your location using color filters on the lights to get a cool, dark look while maintaining enough light to avoid "speckling" (aka, digital noise)


Objective 1: ..Choose a location where you can shoot fairly close shots in a pretty dark situation (simulating a building interior at night or without power is good). Plan to shoot medium and/or close up shots. Compose a sequence of 3 shots to make a brief story/scene (the total length of the 3 shots should be 20-30 seconds). Choose a good color filter for the job and set up your lights with the filters. You may want to shoot a test shot and review it on a TV monitor before moving on to Objective 2.

Objective 2:   Set up your lights for the first shot and shoot it.

Objective 3:   Adjust the lights for the second shot and shoot it.

Objective 4:   Adjust or reset the lights for the third shot and shoot it.




NOTES:         Be sure to: