Challenge Project 30- Green Screen: Editing with Chroma Key



Goal:             Edit green screen footage to fit with background video using chroma keying


Objective 1:          Obtain background video.  You can use still images, video you’ve shot or video you capture using a screen capture program like Snapz Pro. Plan for 1-2 minutes of video.  Import the background video into Final Cut.


Objective 2:          Keeping your background video (from Obj. 1 & 2 above) in mind, shoot your green screen video and import the good clips into Final Cut.


Objective 3:          Using chroma key controls (under Effects), edit out your green background so that your actor(s) can be “placed onto” the background video. This may require using Motion controls on the chroma key.


Objective 4:          Layer your green screen video over your background video and sync up the two.  Tweek the chroma keying (including its motion) and edit clips to fit together well. (Final product should be 1-2 minutes long.)



Extra Credit:        Use video rather than a still background



Hints:                      -You can find good green screen tutorial videos on YouTube.

                          -Make sure to get the shadows and wrinkles off the green screen when shooting.