CP 29- Green Screen: Set Up & Lighting



Goal: Learn how to set up and shoot on a green screen.


Objective 1:  Indoors: set up the green screen with 4 grip clips on the top and 2 grip clips on each side. Then film a shot panning around the frame, showing all the grip clips and the set up. (15 seconds)


Objective 2:  Make the screen taught on either side so that there are no wrinkles.  Also, try to get even lighting across the whole screen and on the place(s) where the actor(s) will be. Take the excess at the bottom of the screen and stretch it out on the floor. Take a shot of the screen to show that there are no wrinkles and the lighting is even. (10 seconds)


Objective 3:  Have an actor stand about 4-5 feet in front of the screen and take a full body shot of the actor as he jumps, flaps his arms or spins around. (12-15 seconds)


Objective 4:  Take a close shot of the actor (head and shoulders) on the green screen; have the actor look around and pan with him/her if needed. (12-15 seconds)



Hint: You’ll need good, even lighting on the screen, and you’ll need good lighting on the actor(s) as well. The lighting on the actor(s) can be different than the lighting on the screen, but it can also be the same. The lighting on the actors should match the lighting in the scene where you intend to place them. But you can also change the actor lighting in post-production.


NOTES:         Be sure to: