Challenge Project 21: Improving Lighting and Color in Post


Goal: Learn how to improve lighting and color in editing.

Objective 1: Take a shot going from inside lighting to outside lighting and fix the white balance using Final Cut. (around 20 seconds)

Objective 2: Take an outdoor shot going from a dark background to a light background, changing the amount of light on the subject, also changing the angle, where the subject is too bright or dark, and then improve the look in Final Cut. (Around 30 seconds)

Objective 3: Take 3 shots of a person in a dark room with less light each time. Then improve the lighting using Final Cut, and see how much darkness can be improved/tolerated. (15-20 seconds each shot)

Objective 4: Tint a shot for effect to make it more interesting; make sure it ADDS to the story rather than just being different. (20-30 secs)