Challenge Project 20 -  Post-Production: dubbing audio in


Goal:              Edit a sequence with audio and add audio in over the original audio; edit in Final Cut.


Method:        Create a scene that calls for sound effects or other extra audio. Capture the footage into Final Cut. Record the other audio outside the scene or obtain sound effects and add them to the sound in the clip.


Objective 1: ..Edit in a sound effect that fits logically and adds to the scene.

Objective 2:   Edit in a small section of music that adds to the scene. (5-20 seconds)

Objective 3:   Edit in some voice over (i.e., "VO") over the clip to enhance the scene. (5-15 seconds)

Objective 4:   Record some dialog that was recorded after the scene was shot and use it to replace some of the dialog in the scene; sync it with the action (especially lips moving, if applicable).


Extra Credit:


NOTES:         Be sure to: