Challenge Project 16 - Editing #4: Using Music Well


Goal:              Understand and practice using music in video

Method:         Using existing music that you must obtain in digital form, add it to movies in artful ways. Start by shooting new footage of someone walking (or running, skateboarding, etc.) around campus. Get about 8 different shots of them, and use varied angles. Each shot should be 10-20 good seconds of motion. Import the video you shot into Final Cut.


Objective 1:   Import the music file into your Final Cut movie using the "FILE / IMPORT" approach. Identify it in your list of files; add the song to the movie starting in the 3rd audio track.

Objective 2: Edit the video so that it has a good start point. Put a two-second cross dissolve to make the video fade in from black. Position the music so that the beat falls in an artistic way with the video. Adjust the music level to fade in as the video does.

Objective 3:   Edit the first shot to end on the beat of the music, ideally at a point where the music changes. Pick a good second shot (that follows well from the first shot) and edit it into place; edit it to sync well with the music. At this point, you should have two edited shots that work with the music.

Objective 4:  Edit 5-6 more shots to fit with the music. This will probably not run the length of the song, so either edit the song to fade out (and make the last video shot do so in sync) or make a cold ending with the music.


Extra Credit: Use music that is legal to include (usually that means something you or a friend created)


NOTES:         Be sure to: