Challenge Project 15 - Editing #3: Transitions

NOTE: To do this you must first do CP14

Goal:              Understand and practice using transitions in Final Cut

Method:         You will need the movie you made in CP 13, and you will add a variety of titles to it.


Method:         Using the movie you edited for CP 13, add transitions. (This assumes your movie has at least 5 shots in it.)


Objective 1:   Open the movie you worked on in CP 13 and CP14. Between two segments (that is, between two shots) in your timeline, add a Cross Dissolve that lasts a total of 1 second.

Objective 2: Between two other segments, add a Page Peel transition (of 1 to 2 seconds).

Objective 3:   Between two other segments, add a Cross Dissolve that lasts for 3 seconds.

Objective 4:  At the end of the last shot of the movie and before the credits (that you added in CP 14), add a Fade Out (to black) that lasts 2 seconds.

Extra Credit: Explain whether the Page Peel transition from Obj. 2 is a good idea or not for the place where you put it.


NOTES:         Be sure to: