Challenge Project 14 - Editing #2: Titles

NOTE: To do this you must first do CP13

Goal:              Understand and practice using titles in Final Cut

Method:         You will need the movie you made in CP 13, and you will add a variety of titles to it.


Method:         Using the movie you edited for CP 13, add titles. Don't forget to save your files onto the computer's hard drive, NOT on your desktop.


Objective 1:   Open Final Cut Xpress or Final Cut Pro HD and open the project you used for CP 13.   In the Viewer window, click the button on the bottom right with the "A" on the film frame; use that to choose "text". This allows you to edit titles onto your movie. Add a title over a black background (aka, slug) for 4 seconds before the start of your movie. Pick a font color and type that work well.

Objective 2: Add "A Menlo Production" over the first shot of the movie, following the title you added for Objective 1. Pick a font color and type that work well.

Objective 3:   Add credits as follows to the end of the movie. Over black background, add red credits for actors, screenwriter, editor and director in 30-point Lucida Handwriting font. They should last 5-12 seconds.

Objective 4:  At the very end of the credits, add a crawling text that says "That's All Folks!" in 60 point Arial Black Italic, in yellow. It should crawl from right to left across the screen. It should last 5-10 seconds.


Extra Credit:   Make the Obj. 3 credits scroll from bottom to top (this may change the length, which is OK).


NOTES:         Be sure to: