Challenge Project 13- Editing #1: Putting a sequence together


NOTE: To do this CP you must first do CP12.


Goal:              Begin to edit shots together in Final Cut to show a logical story.

Method:         Using the tape you shot for CP 12, edit them together into a sequence. Don?t forget to log into the computers using the User Name: "Final Cut" and the password "cutter".


Objective 1:   Open Final Cut Xpress or Final Cut Pro HD and create a new project file, naming it with your name and "CP 13". 

Objective 2:   Use the “Log and Capture” option for importing your footage from the camera.  You can either use the “capture now” or “capture clip” method. Name your captured files/shots with useful, descriptive names.

Objective 3:   Put shots together in logical sequence.  Carefully edit the start and end point for each shot so they're at the optimal moments.  Do not add transitions.

Objective 4:   Save the project to the hard drive of the computer (NOT to your Jupiter desktop).


Extra Credit:   Add titles and/or credits.


NOTES:         Be sure to:

-      Log in to the computer using the User Name "final cut" and password "cutter"

-      Make sure you're saving everything to the hard drive not to your Jupiter account server!