Challenge Project 12 -  Directing #1: Shooting a Sequence


Goal:              Shoot a sequence using a master shot and OTS shots. Edit in camera.


Method:         Create a short scene where two people have a short conversation; having some point of conflict is probably good. There will be four 'beats' to the story (as described below).to another shot.  (5-20 seconds)


Objective 1:   Use a wide shot as your first shot.  Show the two people in the setting and establish their position to each other.  Have a good reason for switching from this to another shot.  (5-20 seconds)

Objective 2:   Shoot the 2nd shot from over one actor's shoulder, and choose a logical time to start and end this shot.  (5-20 seconds)

Objective 3:   Shoot the 3rd shot from over the other actor's shoulder, and choose a logical time to end this shot. (5-20 seconds)

Objective 4:   Shoot the 4th shot from over the first actor's shoulder.  This shot should contain the conclusion of the mini-story that is the scene, and should include the first actor leaving the scene; you can track with them, let them leave the frame, or another creative ending.  (10-30 seconds)


Extra Credit:


NOTES:         Be sure to: