Challenge Project 11- Sound #3: whispers and actor movement


Goal:              To get good sound when actors whisper and when they move around.


Objective 1:   Shoot a wide shot of a person talking on the phone; this should be a standing actor and we should see their entire body with space above and below.  Use only the on-board mic; have the actor speak in a normal speaking voice for one part and a very soft voice or whisper at one part.  (15 seconds)

Objective 2:   As in #1, but use a lapel mic (hidden) to get good sound.  (15 seconds)

Objective 3:   As in #1, but use a boom mic to get good sound.  (This will require a cameraperson, gaffer and actor.)  (15 seconds)

Objective 4:   Shoot one actor who starts in about 50' from the camera and walks past the camera (getting as close as 5' away), then continues another 25' past the camera and turns back to the camera.  They should be talking on their cell phone (or singing instead of the phone!) the whole time. Use a hidden lapel mic to get good sound. (20-30 seconds)


Extra Credit: Make them all interesting: add a mini-story... add dialogue...add other elements (but do not change the requirements), etc.


NOTES:         Be sure to: