Challenge Project 10- Audio #2: Using a wireless lapel mic


Goal:              To practice using a lapel mic and learn its strengths & weaknesses.


Objective 1:   Set up a conversation where your actor is talking on the phone; use a wide shot showing the person in an open area with nothing around for 50'; use a hidden wireless lapel mic to get good audio.  (15-20 seconds)

Objective 2:   Set up a conversation between two people outside near traffic.  Shoot it in a static two-shot [i.e., waist up for both] and use the lapel mic and try to minimize the ambient sound of the passing vehicles.  (15-20 seconds)

Objective 3:   Set up an actor in the library with the lapel mic. Have her walk through the stacks whispering to herself while the camera follows in a medium handheld shot. (20-30 seconds)

Objective 4:   Set up a two-shot of two people in a car, with a static camera. Use the lapel mic, hidden, to get good sound from both actors while they talk quietly. (20-25 seconds.)


Extra Credit: Make them all interesting: add a mini-story...add dialogue...add other elements (but do not change the requirements), etc.


Tip:                Make sure both batteries are strong and that you have both the transmitting unit and the receiving unit on the same channel.


NOTES:         Be sure to: