Challenge Project 8- Lighting #1: avoiding pitfalls


Goal:              To avoid pitfalls of lighting a shot.


Objective 1:   From indoors, shoot a medium shot of an actor in front of a window so that you see the window behind them in a way that makes it hard to see the actor's face well because of the backlighting. (This should not look good.)  (10 seconds)

Objective 2:   As in #1, but find a way to see make the actor's face well lit.  You can use additional lighting, change your exposure, etc.  (10 seconds)

Objective 3:   Outdoors, in bright sunlight, shoot a medium shot of an actor (showing her face) whose face is perpendicular to the sun.  This will make one side of her face in shadow and one in sun.  Shoot 10 seconds like this and then add a bounce to better light the shadow side of her face for four seconds; take it out again for 2 seconds, then back in for 2 more seconds. (18-20 seconds)

Objective 4:   Shoot a close up of an actor's face in very low light, indoors (5 seconds); it should look grainy and maybe have trouble staying in focus w/autofocus.  Then add some artificial lighting so that it appears dark but it's well lit enough that it doesn?t look grainy.  You may need more than one light source.  (20-30 seconds)


Extra Credit: Make them all interesting: add a mini-story...add dialogue...add other elements (but do not change the requirements), etc.


NOTES:         Be sure to: