Challenge Project 5 - Camera Work #2: Tilting Smoothly


Goal:              Practice moving the camera vertically to achieve various effects.


Objective 1:   Standard tilt up.  Set up the camera on a tripod.  Start with a static shot of an actor in one position; have the actor find a reason to look straight up, then tilt the camera up to where the actor is looking.  Do not zoom in or out. (5-10 seconds)

Objective 2:   Standard tilt down. Start with a shot of something high up, then tilt the camera down to settle on something else that logically connects to the thing up high.  (5-10 seconds)

Objective 3:   Tilt to show POV look of actor.  This has two shots to it.  The first shot is of an actor looking intently at some object/person.  The second shot is from the actor's POV, showing the object/person and starting down low and titling up the object/person. (10-20 seconds)

Objective 4:   Titling while zooming. Start with a static tripod shot, zoomed in on something up high in the distance.  Slowly zoom out as you tilt down to encompass the larger scene/landscape, keeping the original subject in the frame. (10-15 seconds)


Extra Credit: Make them all interesting: add a mini-story...add dialogue...add other elements (but do not change the requirements), etc.


NOTES:         Be sure to: