Challenge Project 3: Production Planning


Goal:              Practice planning the many elements that must be organzied for making a simple movie.


Objective 1:   For your two-minute movie (from CP1 and CP2), complete a Logistics Planning Sheet for each scene. Sheets can be found HERE.

Objective 2:  Be prepared to explain to Tripp three questions that you still have about how you'll accomplish some logistical aspect of the movie. This can include where you'll get certain equipment, props, costumes, locations, etc. or something more about how to best tell the story. If you can't think of three, be prepared to have Tripp ask you any logistical questions about your movie!


Extra Credit:    Explain the biggest challenges you see in making this movie.


Tip:                For some examples, see Tripp. Ask questions about anything you're unsure of.



NOTES:         Be sure to:

     ...Be thorough and clear.

     Make sure what you write is understandable to others.