Challenge Project 2: Pre-Visualization


Goal:              To learn and practice a few different ways to plan and organize a movie visually.

Objective 1:   Storyboard Sketches - Using your movie idea from CP1, draw simple sketches of what the essential camera shots will look like. You do not need to sketch every single shot if there are many, but be sure to get all the visual details across so that another person working the camera could make the shots. The more complicated or specific a shot should be, the more important it is to storyboard it.

Objective 2:   Photo Storyboards - This is the same idea as sketching, but you use a digital (still) camera to create the shot images. Use your movie idea from CP1 for this.  You'll probably need an actor or a few, and you will need locations that are similar to your desired locations. If you have Photoshop skills, you can fudge more and change things in Photoshop, adding or subtracting as needed.

Objective 3:   Rough Video - Using a camcorder, shoot a rough draft of what the shots will look like, using your  CP1 movie plan, shoot a rough draft.  Decide what details (costumes, locations, sound, props, FX, etc.) is important and include them in a way that helps you plan and work out specifics of tricky or new factors. (Edit in camera.)


Extra Credit:  Be prepared to explain the pros and cons of each approach to pre-vis when you present this CP to Tripp.  




NOTES:         Be sure to:

     Plan a movie that is feasible for you to make.

     Make sure what you write is understandable to others.