Challenge Project 1: Pre-Production, Script Creation


Goal:              To learn and practice a few different ways to develop movie ideas and prepare them for shooting..


Objective 1:   A Treatment.  A treatment is basically a paragraph summary of your movie idea. It should include plot (for narrative movies), key character info, and any challenges or other important info you forsee.  Write one for an original two-minute movie that you could make.

Objective 2:   A Scene List.  This is a brief list of the various scenes, numbered and in sequence, as they would be in the movie from #1. Include the length of each scene.

Objective 3:   A Shot List.  This is a list of each shot (not scene) that will be used in the movie from #1.  Each shot can be descibed in a sentence, describing simply what is in each one. Include the length of each shot.

Objective 4:   Annotations to Shot List.  Go back to your shot list and add details, including both technical considerations and story notes.


Extra Credit:  Create your own innovative, effective way of planning a movie, and explain it in writing.


Tip:                For some examples, see...Treatment, Scene List, Annotated Scene List, and Shot List on the Examples Pages


NOTES:         Be sure to:

      Plan a movie that is feasible for you to make.

     Make sure what you write is easily understandable to others.