Was 3 months just way too long?  Are you suffering from missing mathematics?  Do you enjoy your daily math course and wish it lasted all day long?! MathCounts may be the place for you!  MathCounts is a Menlo Middle School Club for students interested in extracurricular mathematics.  During club meetings, which will take place immediately after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays, students will apply the topics discussed in traditional middle school math classrooms in novel and creative ways.  Students will explore new topics and techniques as they wrestle with enticing new math problems.  Most of all, students will be reminded of how fun mathematics can be!

The MathCounts club is named after a nation-wide middle school competition which begins at the local level in February of each school year.  Up to 8 interested and dedicated middle school students will get the opportunity to represent Menlo at the Peninsula Chapter competition.   Please feel free to stop by and meet the club sponsor and see what MathCounts is all about.  Meetings take place in Ms. Chou’s classroom, B206 on the Upper School campus.  Meetings are every Tuesday and Friday, beginning at 3:20.  Students need to commit to attending both meetings each week.  The first meeting will take place on Tuesday, September 5th.  Students interested in participating should email Ms. Chou at  Please include your grade in the email.

Meanwhile, consider checking out the Go Figure! Math Challenge or the MathCounts Problem of the Week.


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