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Subject: Honors Geometry
Teacher: Ms. Chou
Date: April 14th, 2008


Monday (B)

In Class: Quiz
Work on MathCounts Problems
  Homework: Work on MathCounts Problems for 30 minutes
Monday (G)
Tuesday (B)

In Class:

Go over mathcounts problems.
Start homework.


Work on this sheet.

Wednesday (B&G)

In Class: Discuss homework.
Work on circumference and area problems.
  Homework: Complete circumference and area problems.
Thursday (B&G)
In Class:

Discuss answers to circumference and area problems.
Work on Sector Intro Worksheet.
Begin problems listed:
Pg. 290: 11.1.3, 11.1.4
Pg. 291: 11.9
Pg. 293: 11.2.4-11.2.7


  Homework: Complete worksheet and problems listed above.