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Subject: Honors Geometry
Teacher: Ms. Chou
Date: March 31st , 2008


Monday (B)
Tuesday (G)

In Class: Spring Back! Unit 10 Introductory Problems.
Break-Stick Activity.
  Homework: Complete Test: You may not use your text or your notes.
Tuesday (B)
Wednesday (G)

In Class:

Complete Break-Stick Activity.
Discuss code-addendum.
Collect Data for Break-Stick Activity
Discuss Test


Finish Collecting Data if you haven't already.
Pg. 268: 10.6; Pg. 271: 10.1.1 and 10.1.2

Wednesday (B)
Thursday (G)
In Class: Warm Up: Some Properties of Inequalities.
Finish discussing the Break-Stick Program.
Complete warm-up worksheet.
Pg. 268: 10.7
Pg. 272: 10.12
  Homework: Finish: Pg. 268: 10.7; Pg. 272: 10.12; Then do: Pg. 274: 10.2.1 and 10.2.2
Friday (B&G)
In Class: Warm Ups: Pg. 275: 10.14 and 10.16
Discuss: Pg. 275: 10.15
Discuss: Pg. 280: 10.3.5
  Homework: Pg. 280: 10.3.1-10.3.3
Quiz on Monday/Tuesday over everything we have done this week.
Monday (B)
Tuesday (G)
(April 7th/8th)
In Class: Quiz
Begin working on review problems: Pg. 282: 10.18-10.28, 10.34
Homework: Work for 30 minutes on: Pg. 282: 10.18-10.28, 10.34
Tuesday (B)
Wednesay (G)
(April 8th/9th)
In Class: Wrap-up Chapter 10
Homework: Measuring cirumference and diamter of household objects.
You will have a test over chapter 10 on Monday, the 14th of April.

Wednesday (B)
Thursday (G)
(April 9th/10th)
In Class: Begin chapter 11.
Homework: Study for your chapter 10 test, to be given on Monday.