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Subject: Geometry
Teacher: Ms. Chou
Date: March 31st , 2008


Monday (A)
Tuesday (F)

In Class: 8.0: Percent Problems
8.1: Welcome Back to Geometry
Discuss Test.
8.2: Symmetry Properties in a Circle

  Homework: Test Corrections
Tuesday (A)
Wednesday (F)

In Class:

Complete 8.2
Begin 8.3: Tangent Segments.
Work on test corrections.


Complete 8.3 and finish test corrections.

Wednesday (A)
Thursday (F)
In Class: 8.4: A Neat Proof of the Pythagorean Theorem.
8.5: Circle Problems!
  Homework: 8.6: GSP activity
Thursday (A)
Friday (F)
In Class: 8.7: Inscribed Angles
  Homework: 8.8: More with Inscribed Angles