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Subject: Geometry
Teacher: Ms. Chou
Date: March 3rd, 2008


Monday (F)
In Class:

7.5: Making Quadrilaterals from Triangles.


Complete 7.5
7.6: GSP Activity: Triangle Midsegments and Midpoint Quadrilaterals
. -- Due Wednesday! :)

Monday (A)
Tuesday (F)

In Class: Collect 7.5.
Work on 7.7: Making Quadrilateral Conjectures.

7.6: GSP Activity: Triangle Medians and Midpoint Quadrilaterals.

Tuesday (A)
Wednesday (F)
In Class:

Discuss 7.6.
Collect 7.6
Discuss and Complete 7.7.
Work on Quadrilateral Map.


Complete 7.1.
Work on 7.8: Quadrilateral Problems.

Wednesday (A)
Thursday (F)

In Class:

Continue Discuss Quadrilateral Conjectures.


7.9: Some Percent Problems.

Friday (A)
Monday (F)

In Class:

Work on 7.10: More Quadrilateral Problems
Discuss homework.
Turn in Test Corrections if You have them.


More Compiled Data: Write down if each is True or False. For the False ones, show why with a picture. Choose 2 True ones to write a proof for.