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Subject: Geometry
Teacher: Ms. Chou
Date: January 8th, 2007


Monday (A&F)
In Class:

Discuss final.
Do final corrections.
Work on Problems that Didn't Make the Final.


5.1: GSP activity, introducing you to software. This is not downloadable!

Tuesday (A)
Wednesday (F)
In Class:

Warm up: Vertical Angle Problem
5.2: Angles on GSP.
5.3: Parallel Lines on GSP


5.4: Problems involving angles.

Wednesday (A)
Thursday (F)
In Class:

5.5: Parallel Lines - Terminology and Problems.


Complete 5.5.

Thursday (A)
Friday (F)
In Class:

5.6: Angles within a triangle.
5.7: Exterior Angle Activity (not downloadable!)


Complete 5.7: Including discussion questions.

Friday (A) In Class: 5.8: Problems involving parallel lines and triangles.
  Homework: 5.8: 1 - 10.