Day 8: Beaudean to Bagneres de Luchon - Col d'Aspin, Col du Peyresourde

Aspin west profile

Peyresourde west profile


The day after the Tourmalet presented an even bigger day of climbing: two major climbs totalling about 5600 feet. Neither was exceptionally difficult though, and we had yet another day of beautiful weather. The first climb was Aspin, then a steep descent down into the valley and the town of Arreau, then up Peyresourde and down again into another valley and the town of Luchon. 40 miles, 5600 feet.


Day 9: Luchon Layover

Luchon was a beautiful town and we had a day off there - Bastille day. Some of the group climbed up to Superbagneres, but we rode the gondola instead.


Harlan really liked pastries. Click here for movie.

Click here for a video of the yodeling marmots of Luchon.

Cakes baked on a rotisserie.

Jambon de pays.

Shopping for cheese.

Click on photo for Bastille day fireworks.



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