Day 4: Gourette to Luz-St. Saveur


Hautacam profile.


This might have been one of our nicest days. The rain from the day before cleared, and we had a beautiful sunny day. Just a few km up the Aubisque then we crossed the green carpet of pastureland in the saddle between Aubisque and Soulor. Up a short climb to Col du Soulor, then down down down the valley. Kara and I made a detour into Argeles-Gazost to visit the farmer's market. Then up the next valley, a beautiful river gorge, to Luz-St. Saveur at the base of the Col du Tourmalet.

The extra credit this day was the climb up Hautacam; about a third of our group went for it.


Marilyn and Dick on the Aubisque. A cow licked my handlebars. Aubisque summit.
Harlan, Liz, and Tom. Tom and Harlan. Jim and the gang at Hautacam summit.
Hautacam. Col du Soulor St. Savin

TOTAL for day: 30 miles, 2700 feet; 48 miles and 6100 feet Hautacam option total.

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