Day 12: Tarascon to Quillan
This morning of our last cross-country ride looked unpromising - more clouds - spirits were low. Dick rented a bus to take the group from Tarascon to Quillan so we wouldn't have to ride in the rain. But there were patches of blue, so the more optimistic half of the group decided to chance it. It turned out to be a glorious day, one of the best of the trip. To avoid the "red road" (see map) we actually went north of Tarascon and then turned off on the green road to join with the highlighted route. After that initial climb it was rolling all the way, through beautiful countryside, with an easy climb up Col du Marmare. We found an amazing little restaurant for lunch, then up to the Sault Plateau, where we blasted across with a fast tailwind. Then off the edge of the world and 11 km down to Quillan.


Total: 50 miles, 4500 feet.

Click here for movie of Sault Plateau.



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