Physics Links

The following sites are places I've found interesting, and places where many of the links on your homework pages are found.

Physics tutorials, lessons, etc.

CP Surf - the web site to accompany the Conceptual Physics Textbook. Lots of great links here.

Zona Land - good discussion of concepts and lots of practice problems. Physics and math sections.

The Physics Classroom - discussions and practice problems. Fun animations! Most topics are written to sync with Conceptual Physics text.

The Physics Zone - has a search feature to quickly locate topics of interest.

Amusement Park Physics - physics of rides!



General physics interest

The Physics Of.... - this is a neat site written by high school students. Espresso? Cheerleading? Breakdancing? You'll find it here!

Scientific American Ask the Experts - very interesting questions and answers in many areas of science.

How Stuff Works

You Might be a Physics Major - one for the Nerd Herd. <G> If you understand these, you're one of us.

The Exploratorium - site for wonderful science museum.

Britney's Guide to Semiconductor Physics- "oops! I spilled it again!"