In Vitro vs In Vivo: Schnittman et al

Please read Schnittman et al, Science 245:305-308.  Then answer the following questions.

1. Many changes occurred in the AIDS research field between the previous paper and this one.  List at least two.

2.   What major previous finding does this paper dispute?

3.  Describe the basic experimental design used to generate the data in fig. 1.

4.  What were the key findings shown in fig. 1?

5.  What were the key findings shown in fig. 2?

6.  What was the goal of the experiment shown in fig. 3?  What novel technique was used to generate the data?

7.  How many copies of proviral DNA does each cell seem to have?  What data support this assertion?  Do you find the data convincing?  Why or why not?

8.  The authors frequently refer to the idea of HIV "latency".  What do they mean by that, and why does the phenomenon seem to be an important area of research?

9.  Cover up the abstract for this paper and write one in your own words.  Remember that an abstract needs to be a concise summary of the ideas in the paper.