So What?

You have now read several papers on the science of HIV (and there are more to come).  Now I challenge you to look beyond the purely academic side of the virus and consider the human impact it has had over the past 20 years, and the role scientists should play in shaping its impact in the future.

For this project, you will prepare an informative/persuasive flyer on some aspect of HIV disease.  This assignment is deliberately open-ended.  You may choose to consider the spread of the disease or the public policy in a particular country or population, or investigate the current state of vaccine or treatment research.  You might look at the relationship of HIV infection to another infectious disease.  You might profile a non-governmental organization working in AIDS prevention or research.  There are other options, too numerous to list.  In each case, you should distill the information you gather into a flyer that informs or advocates.  You may choose to simply give statistics or other info about the topic you researched, or you may choose to advocate particular action on behalf of an organization or cause.  These flyers will be put up around campus for World AIDS Day, Dec. 1 2007. 

Make sure your flyer:
Is accurate (cite your sources)
Accomplishes the purpose (informs or persuades)
Is visually effective (clear, interesting, stands out in black and white)

Due Dates:
Notes due Tuesday Nov. 20. This means annotated articles, website addresses with notes taken from them, etc. I will not collect these, but I will check them.
Draft flyers due Monday November 26.
Final draft flyers are due in class on Thursday November 29. 

Some websites to get you started are below.
NIH AIDS History Page

FDA AIDS Timeline

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

National Center for HIV, STD and TB Prevention

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease Division of AIDS

World Health Organization statistical resource