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Kaltzmann et al: A Way Into the Cell

Please write 1-3 sentences on your own paper (or at the bottom of the page) about each question after reading the article.

1.  What observation caused the authors to examine the CD4 (or T4, as it was known then) molecule as a possible receptor for the AIDS virus?

2.  What control would you have liked to see in Table 1?  Hint: it is mentioned in the text as a reference.

3.  In your own words, describe the assay used to generate the data in Figure 1 and Table 2.

4.  What controls are used in that assay to show that the effect is specific to T4?

5.  What information does Table 2 give that Figure 1 does not, and vice-versa?

6.  Comment on the strength of the data in Figure 1.

7.  What does Table 3 show?  Why is this experiment necessary?

8.  What therapeutic strategy is suggested by these findings?

9.  Why would infection and perhaps destruction of CD4+ T cells be particularly dangerous for the infected individual?