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Gallo et al: A Virus Is Identified

On your own paper or below, answer the following questions about Gallo et al:

1. What characteristics of AIDS led to the conclusion that the syndrome was caused by an infectious agent?
2. Which subtype of HTLV was first detected in AIDS patients? Why was this subtype likely not the agent that causes AIDS?
3. In your own words, describe the data shown in Figure 1.
4. What critical information is missing from figure 1?
5. Which group of subjects had the highest incidence of HTLV-III? The lowest?
6. Which groups in Table 1 are considered controls? Do you agree with the choice of control subjects? Explain.
7. Explain the fact that only 47.6% of adult AIDS patients tested positive for HTLV-III.
8. What evidence caused the authors to classify the virus as an HTLV subtype?
9. What technical innovations made this work possible?
10. What technical innovation will significantly contribute to further research on the virus?