1st Semester Schedule


This is a tentative schedule of the topics we will cover during the first semester.  I will give you detailed assignments online as each unit comes up.


Week of                        Topic

8/25                                       Course Intro, Safety, Keeping a lab notebook

8/29                                       Micropipets and Solutions review, Reading a scientific paper

9/6                                         Prokaryotic Cell Culture

9/12                                       Eukaryotic Cell Culture;  Intro to Immunology
9/19                                       Genetic Systems

9/26                                       Recombinant DNA  (Digests & Gels)

10/03                                     More Recombinant DNA  (Ligations, Gels, Transformation)

10/10                                     Protein Expression & Purification

10/17                                     Protein Gel Electrophoresis

10/24, 10/31                          Lab Practical #1, PCR optimization

10/31, 11/7                PCR optimization, DNA sequencing

11/14                                      Immunolocalization:  ELISA & Western Blotting
11/21, 11/28                           Lab Practical #2, Literature review

12/5, 12/12                            Project design/ lit review writing