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Unit 5: DNA Sequencing and PCR Optimization

date in class homework

PCR review, calculations

finish PCR calculations

11/1 PCR reactions, pour gels read Schnittman
11/2 run, stain & photograph gels - long day (tutorial) finish Schnittman, answer questions

analyze optimization gels

Mitochondrial DNA handout pp 1-4, Sign informed consent
11/7 Sequencing intro sequencing protocol from handout, pp. 5-11
last chance to sign informed consent release
11/8 harvest cells. INFORMED CONSENT DUE! & PCR rxns Read Human Genome Project article
11/9 gels Human Genome article questions
11/10 Pack up sequening PCR product for shipping to Cold Spring Harbor, Start Ho  
11/14 Intro to ELISA

ELISA worksheet

ELISA day 1 (long day - come in at tutorial)

11/16 ELISA day 2  
11/18 Wrap up ELISA Read Ho