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Unit 2: Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Cell Culture

date in class homework (due next class)
9/6 Bacteria: make LB, LB agar.

print/read protocols: streaking plates, picking liquid cultures

9/8 Pour plates. Streak plates. Pick overnight cultures.

print/read protocols: spectrophotometer, hemocytometer

check out these awesome geeky cookies! Be sure to scroll down & see the "streaks" !


Spread plates.

Start Yeast & Hemocytometer Counts (NB: Tutorial Day) Demo Spectrophotometer & Hemocytometer. Spec OD vs. cell counts expt.

finish hemocytometer practice questions


Start Reading Immunoogy handout

9/14 Graph spec OD vs. cell counts expt.

Read Immunoogy handout


  Intro to Mammalian Cell Culture - postponed Read immunology handout
9/15 intro to immunology Finish immunology handout
9/16 Finish Immunology, start Gallo, et al. work on Gallo, et al.