What to include in your resume

On top line...
Full name
Phone number

Under top line...

Objective (This is optional.  You could say something like: to obtain a lab internship in the field of…) 

In categories below...

Education (high school only)

Course work (pertinent courses like science only)

Honors and/or Awards and/or Leadership Responsibilities (include dates)

Experience (include any of the following that apply to you)

            Work experience (including dates)

            Volunteer experience (including dates)

            Computer Experience (include programs that you know how to use)

            Lab Experience or Skills

            (You could include techniques in electrophoresis, bacteriology, PCR etc.)

Interests/Extra Curricular Activities (optional)

References (you can list me as your teacher or just write ‘available on request’)


Š      Use sentences under the work/volunteer experience section to describe what you did.  Use action words like: prepared, coordinated, assisted, designed, researched etc.

Š      Keep resume to one page (one side!)

Š      Keep wording concise so that someone can scan your resume and get and idea about you in less than 20 seconds.

Š      Have someone else proofread your resume and be sure to spell check! 

Š      Keep the formatting and fonts easy to follow and read.

Š      Think about the qualities that the potential mentor or employer will want (responsibility, self-motivation, ability to learn new skills, etc.) and include activities and experience that demonstrate those qualities.