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Hello My Name Is...

What do you like to be called?

Who is your advocate?

Home phone #?  When is the best time to call (and/or worst time)?

What are your parents' names?

Are your parents reachable by email?

Your parents' email addresses:

Where/how can your parents be contacted during the day?

Do either of your parents work in a science-related field?  If so, what?


Do you have any other contacts in science fields?  If so, would this person be willing to be involved in the Biotech program in any way?


What science classes have you had previously at Menlo?  (Teachers too)


Have you had any science-related experiences outside of school (summer programs etc)?  If so, what?


What are your goals for this class?


What do you like best about science in general?


What project areas are you particularly interested in?


List three questions you have about biology.


What do you most like to do?  (Sports, art, drama, etc.)


What CD would you most want if marooned on a desert island?