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Biotech Research Archive

2003 Projects

Molecular Mechanisms of Antibiotic Action on Ribosomes

paper 1(pdf)
paper 2 (pdf)
Creating a Microarray Genotyping Website
paper (pdf)
The Effects of Gotu Kola on C. elegans paper (pdf)
Phylogeny of California Kelp Species paper (pdf)
Dopaminergic Pathways in Zebrafish paper (pdf)
T-bet and IFN-gamma Transcription

paper 1 (pdf)
paper 2 (pdf)

Gene Therapy for EAE in Mice paper (pdf)
Aerosol Drug Delivery paper (pdf)
Blk and PKA in the IMAP Kinase Assay paper (pdf)
Nosocomial Infections in Bay Area Hospitals paper (pdf)
Identification of SNPs Associated with Drug Metabolism paper (pdf)
Translocation of XopD in Plant Cells paper (pdf)